35mm film

Kodak Gold 200

When I first started shooting film, I toyed around with many different rolls. From cheapest to expensive in a hurry, which evidently can burn a sizable hole in your wallet. One thing is for sure, shooting film in Vietnam is far different than shooting anywhere else. The film might be the same in price but developing is far cheaper. A roll of Kodak Gold developed and scanned will cost around $2 compared to $10 of that in America. 

It’s a roll everyone should try at least once!

I’ve seen many of the more prominent and well known Instagram photographers who have buzzed up film for a while now. So many comments of people saying “This guy must spend his whole paycheck on film” “What do you do for a job?” “What camera do you shoot with, bro? It’s actually quite comical because it’s true, how the hell does anyone in America justify it? Who knows, maybe these kids are well off from mom and dad, maybe Kodak loves the exposure and tosses them a catalog and an expense account. 

My two cents is this, Kodak Gold is a solid roll. It will give you loads of color, especially during sunrise or sunset. It’s not a film for skin tones as you’ll see the skin tones in the following pictures are damn near yellow. With that being said, it’s a fun roll to experiment with if you’re operating on a shoestring budget. 

Kodak Gold

Sunset with Kodak Gold

Kodak Gold

Sunrise with Kodak Gold

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