The Film Files: Prelude

Let’s start with a photographic introduction that displays my year on film. From cars to the street to dogs looking one way and another,  2019 was a year full of discovery, experimentation, and curiosity that helped shape my passion for photography to a new level. If you’re like me and have been shooting digital for a while, the lure to try film is ever-present. After all, the buzz around many mediums is the feel and look of 35mm or medium format film. It’s pretty difficult for any digital photographer to achieve the film look without help from presets such as Mastin Labs, Tribe Archipelago, and many others.

From observation, many just don’t know where to start with film. You can spend hours scanning Google and Youtube for subject matter experts who can help you navigate through the noise or you can adopt this approach and learn by doing. Of course, it helps to have a little guidance along the way with regards to choosing film and understanding the limitations of your camera. I recommend checking out Willem Verbeeck’s Youtube channel, he’s quite helpful when comparing 35mm film, camera hacks, and gear reviews. Ultimately, developing a style and angle uninfluenced by others will help you appreciate your work that much more.

In this series, we’ll focus on subject, style, location, exposure, gear, and of course film used while we travel back to 2019. Fifty-two out of sixty 35mm rolls were shot here in Vietnam, the other 8 were in the United States. 

Feel free to ask me any questions along the way. I’ll be happy to help you. 

Kodak TMAX400